Custom Weapons

Yes we were wondering how long it would take for you to find this page.

Obviously if you were already a member of Battlegroup 301 Incorporated, it would be true that...

“You already know what to do”

Since you are here now, lucky for you
National, Industrial, Enterprise and Civil Defence
Now you have a whole new definition of
O Canada, We stand on guard for thee..., right?

Only one more thing before you go take care of business, the arsenal of democracy is.....?

Sign up to Canada’s pre-eminent
Industrial and Defence Technology Development Program
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Of course, if you are looking for Canada's pre-eminent weapons program,
Your opportunity to be more pro-active, like jump in with both feet …
and be a member, with Battlegroup 301 Incorporated…

You could be a wimp, traitor and coward and let someone takeover your country by
the kind of people that like to invade, occupy, make all the rules, and make you obsolete,
And continue with the crime, genocide, treason and population replacement.

You may have been already warned about some of that, but do nothing,
as you may be distracted with "entertainment" and endless sports,
or have too many things to deal with, and have forgotten the secret
of writing down your goals, establishing priorities,
being pro-active step by step in that direction, making effort not excuses.

Your duty is to maintain and honour true Canadian values, this includes,
Faith, Family, Freedom and Free Enterprise,
Tradition, Private Property, Protecting Borders, Self Defence
personal response-ability and character development.

Within Canada, regional and local areas, the Community,
be in your zone and control the zone,
be combat ready - geared to act on a moments notice.
Depending on mission tasking, custom weapons are extremely useful,
in the hands of the nationalist citizen,
if it is not you in the battlefield, make a contribution,
be the person that makes the difference in secure supply lines,
be a part of the solution, not the problem.

Made in Canada and Peace, Order and Good Government.
Along with the Arsenal of Democracy,
A solid weapons program that includes Custom Weapons,
in addition to all those related options offered here,
strategic, tactical and operational advantage is essential.

It takes moral courage to do the right thing,
it takes physical, psycolological, mental and spiritual power,
to go forward on the battlefield, to engage the enemy,
Custom Weapons for the Battlegroup of One.

for National Defence, Civil Defence, Hunting & Sport

Focus, remember, envision, take action…
Contribute, get involved or help those who can look after the big and small details.

If you might like rail guns that shoot armour piercing rounds or something more explosive,
Or rotary canons, or ammo, or gear, or infrastructure, vehicle and weapons platforms,
You can dream in classified, but wake up in the morning and do something about it,
By now, you are free and not hypnotized, since that would be unethical,
We prefer freedom of choice, Custom Weapons is that choice.

Due to national security reasons, freedom is not free,
And since you already know that, you already know what to do…

Now, You are free to go!

Look into joining the Knights of the Round Table Church,
with your rights & responsibilities,
physical and spiritual self defence,
every weapon is a ceremonial weapon

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