Defence and Firearms - some ideas and thoughts about peace, order and good government;

A constitutional militia for civil defence with corresponding provisions, mandate and authority;

Augmented with Active and Retired Defence Personnel, National Reservists and law enforcement;

Civil Defence Armouries and infrastructure, training and resources;

Prohibited Weapons training;

Total Defence environment doctrine, training, scenarios and tasking;

Cataclysm, war vector and infrastructure collapse scenario, training and tasking;

Mission Tasking, national, regional, community and interoperability;

Personal and community defence capabilities and deployable resource position;

Additional proposals for the Firearms Policy:
- Firearms registration to the person, not the location.
- Transport permission not required, transport protocols always in effect.
- Firearms industry regulations needs fine tuning.
- Sales and transfer protocols without treating people like they are juvenile delinquents.
- A proper receipt, with a proper authentication of each person.
- Call in micromanaging sales and transfer is not productive.
- Consultation with Firearms instructors and National Defence,
- Hunters and sport shooter working group
- Joint defence technology manufacturing projects, more jobs and careers.
- individual rights and responsibilities to have and bear arms and of self defence.

Please review Confederation of 1867, the British North America Act, you will find that multiculturalism, immigration invasion to commit genocide against and to displace the european founding peoples which is primarily from France and the UK is not authorized, neither is the Constitution of 1982 with the illegal transfer of power.

Additionally, the aspect of "cruel and unusual treatment" is aganst the criminal code, with the right to self defence, especially in consideration of all the immigrant criminal class that have zero true Canadian values or respect for Canadian law, and with the mass media "enemy combatants" inciting race wars and total anti white hysteria, and "enemies foreign and domestic" "Wars of Agression", "Acts of Agression",

Furthermore, the illegal removal of "property rights" in the illegal 1982 Constitution" and the "real national security threats" not the "counterfeit national security threats", in addition to the laws of escalation applying to the radicalization of "Vaccine fascists" and their related "assaults with a dangerous weapon" "related "hate laws" and bogus definitions, that in fact the "Vaccine fascists" and related "collaborateurs" who may act in consideration of any agenda, not limited to "Anti-fire arms" "Anti Anti-vaxxers", of which are considered as terrorists and engaged in terrorism, genocide and realted acts of war, in addition to crime, treason, immorality,

In totality, the expropriation of property, the infringement on private property, including personal health sovereignty, any type of property including firearms, vehicles or otherwise, constitute a violation of common law principles, in addition to the violation of
the Magna Carta, notwithstanding the corruption of government agents, supra-national organizations, decrees, rulings, agendas, edicts, legislations, including fraudulent identification, fraudulent titiles, royal frauds, proxy government, proxy warfare, or any other form of government that is not authorized and illegal, including high jacked political parties, rullings made by legislature, being Parliament, the extortion by any means, MPs or MPPs or MLA, whether being based on corruption of character or threats against the lives of those persons, their family, friends, private property or otherwise;

Of course if :

the Solicitor General, or anyone in any level of government, National Defence, Federal and Provincial Police, courts, has been, is now, or in the future may be compromised as a non Canadian, a non-European Canadian founding nation people, communist, globalist or otherwise anti-Canadian;

or those whose allegiance is to a foreign government masquerading as a religion, or anti-nation state sovereignty, or against the defence of Canada and Canadian values, corresponding national, civil and personal defence, or those engaged in liberalism, liberal fascists, homo-fascists, cultural marxists, communists, socialists, sexually degenerate, those engaged in crime, treason, genocide, war and immorality of any kind;

or to "enemy combatants", "enemies foreign and domestic" "Wars of Agression", "Acts of Agression", "Collaborateurs", "real national security threats",

then we have a problem, and more so if those who are entrusted to serve and protect are themselves likewise compromised, and if those who realize their error and do nothing to change, or do anything about others who are compromised, then we also have a problem.;


It is advised that agents and personnel of the corresponding defence and law enforcement agencies, exercise consideral moral courage, in addition to reminders concerning Defence Doctrine, the realities of asymetrical warfare of cultural marxism against nation-state sovereignty, and how they are either part of the problem or part of the solution.

Due to national security reasons, freedom isn’t free, we have duties, rights and responsibilities.;

The mainstream political parties will never do any of this. Do they not despise freedom, the individual, creativity and intelligent patriotism? (unless it includes crime, fraud, genocide and treason). ;

Evidently proper national economics, nation state sovereignty, civil defence and personal self defence, is all related. They are under attack by those that despise freedom, opportunity, choice, private property, nation building, people that would deny anyone the capability of independent thought or action, or even a shred of justice, from their overwhelming tyranny.