Development Programs:

Industry & Enterprise Development Program Portfolio

Airport & Aero Industry Development Program

Rail-Road Industry Infrastructure


Fuel Systems Research & Development Optimization Program

Applied Testing Team


Ports Infrastructure and Marine Industry Development Program

Automotive Industry Development Program

Education, Trade and Technology Development Program

Food, Farming, Agriculture, Environment

Canadian Industrial Base

Canadian Defence Technology Industrial Base

C5 : computers, communication, command, control, crypto;

Defence Technology Development Program

Vehicle Development Program
Defence Vehicle Development Program
Civil Defence Industry & Enterprise Vehicles

Civil Defence

Advanced Projects
B301_Techno-Development.pdf - general timeline


Concerning Development Programs, our focus is on large industry segments and Advanced Projects. These are in design engineering, research and development, experimental and applied technology. This involves custom build, special orders and limited production in practical, conventional and state of the art products and services. This is unified with Capital Vault Incorporated and related companies. Opportunities with challenge and reward are available to explore and discover, that are relevant, practical and visionary.

Development programs are some of the most ambitious, visionary and essential to Canada. Naturally, many people may find it easy to unload their non performing un-Canadian do nothing portfolio and redeploy resources to something a lot more nationalistic, something that create jobs, providence, prosperity and a much better quality of life.

State of the art and science & into multi-dimensional space :

As-Garde Aerospace and Electrodynamics Inc.
Dedicated to the most advanced aerospace design engineering technology in the world.

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Investing, development, saving, buying or acquisition, wealth producing power, prosperity, health, opportunity full of challenge and reward, and a lot more of that red and white sticker, Made in Canada, Product of Canada, how about it eh?

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