B301 Railroad Industry Infrastructure Program
● Investment and Acquisitions, Rail, Industries, Properties ;
● Design Engineering, Applied and Experimental Research and Development ;
● National Foundry and Machining Network, casting, machining and assembly ;
● National Resources secure supply, logistics and advanced manufacturing ;
● Rail services - restoration, new, revitalized and expanded ; ● Railroad Infrastructure Damage Control ;
● Railway Trails to Railroads - a new panoramic vision and opportunities ;
● Property, Track and Facilities Development, Leasing and Acquisition ;
● Railway Construction Maintenance Machinery and Infrastructure ;
● Historical Rail Industry Facilities - renaissance and transformation ;
● Steam Punk - time travel steam age renaissance ;
● Hotel, Resort, Tourism, Recreation Development Opportunities ;
● New and Revitalized Enterprise and Community Development ;
● Railroad Infrastructure for Airport, Marine Port and Industry; ● Rail Car Investment, Acquisition, Development, Leasing, revenue ;
● Prime and sub contract opportunities, Joint ventures and co-development ;
● Made in Canada and Product of Canada rail transport - not endless imports ;
● Bridges, tunnels, rail crossings, roundhouse, maintenance and repairs ;
● Communication, C5, community, regional and national printed and digital news ;

● Train stations, freight, container and boxcar logistics, train to transport ;
● Personnel, jobs, careers, education, training, business and enterprise options ;
● Mining, Forestry, Farming, general and strategic industry Logistics ;
● No to the pipeline, yes to the totally awesome railroad and all the good stuff ;
● More efficient and economical, safer and more enjoyable ;

● counter-measures to treason, genocide, devitalized communities and no vision ;
● counter-measures to imported cars, plastic, garbage electronics, stuff and junk ;
● counter-measures to endless car payments, debt, excessive traffic and no jobs ;
● counter-measures to extremely vulnerable vehicles and transportation sector ;
● counter-measures to foreign dominance and abuse of our national rail infrastructure ;
● counter-measures to foreign invasion and competition to our national rail industry ; ● counter-measures to foreign rail rolling stock logistics on our national rail network ;
● counter-measures to government negligence, incompetence, crime, genocide and treason ;

● Massive economic base, savings, new wealth generation and fantastic opportunities ;
● Awesome enterprise development, capital structure and securities ; ● Ownership, Control and Voting Options - everything else is obsolete ;
● Awesome Asset Protection and Strategic Risk Management ;
● Financial and non financial investment opportunities - money, time, resources, materials ;

● Invest, contribute, develop, save, acquire and deploy Canadian logistics! ;
● Private Enterprise, executive summaries, prospectus, securities, parallel accounts ;
● Enterprise and Business Transactions, Development and Promotion ;
● The pre-eminent pro-active national, industrial, economic strategic transportation endeavour ;
● Secure National Rail Transport Logistics - Cataclysm, EMP, solar flare, cyber war rated ;
● The National Advanced Engine and Power Generation Program ;
● Locomotive Development Program
● The most bold, ambitious, brilliant economic nationalist project - it’s what built Canada ;

Locomotive & Railroad Industry Infrastructure Program - PDF

Steam Locomotive Renaissance and Transformation

National, Industrial, Enterprise and Civil Defence
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