Industry Defence

Industry Defence Vision - the pro-active program in action includes you!

Industry Machinery Vehicles

Material Logistics : Manufacturing & Processing

Industry Machinery & Production Logistics

Industry Machinery Finance, Acquisition & Deployment

Industrial Buildings Infrastructure - new build & reno

Industry Secure Supply Chain Infrastructure

Defence Rated Personnel
- staffing agency & working share owners;
- private enterprise, nationalist, nation building

Intellectual Capital & Property
Strategic Risk Management & Asset Protection

Civil Defence, Industry & Enterprise Vehicles

The Problematic Challenge

Automotive Industry - Auto parts - Made in Canada

Co-development with :
As-Garde Machine and Mecatronics Inc. -

Arsenal of Democracy - freedom of speech and association, independence
- local owned, controlled, voted and edited news - paper, radio, tv, internet;
- get away from liberal fascist foreign controlled anti Canadian mass media;
- Counter-measures to crime, treason, genocide, war and immorality;

Financial Notes - money, thoughts, actions, attitudes in the real world

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Enterprise Defence Network

Patents - Intellectual Capital

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Civil Defence Development Program
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Due to national security reasons, freedom is not free,
And since you already know that, you already know what to do…
and you probably have a good idea what not to do…

Now, You are free to go!