Fuel Systems Research & Development


Experimental and applied research and development for fuel systems optimization.

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something totally way beyond all that….

Do want to save money?
Do you need more performance?
Would you like to pollute less and save more?
Do you like the idea of inventions, infrastructure,
involvement and adventure, industry and enterprise?

Can you envision or imagine the opportunity to test and utilize
custom built, experimental and production fuel systems?

Does an awesome Made in Canada economic industrial prosperity appeal to you?

Are you interested to find out what is in it for you?

Old fashioned, advanced, suppressed, restricted and censored technology exists.

National, industrial, enterprise and civil defence,
all require strategic, tactical and operational capabilities.

Fuel systems, are utilized in engines, air, land and marine vehicles, machinery,
retrofit, OEM or original equipment in new research and development,
custom limited and mass production, super prototypes for new engine and vehicles.

Can you imagine an awesome revitalized and energized automotive industry?

How about fuel systems for our own Made in Canada industry and enterprise
building vehicles, aircraft, marine craft, space craft, machinery, generators?

How about the entire manufacturing continuum, all Made in Canada eh?

Made in Canada eh?

The kind of performance that makes everything else obsolete and backwards…

Or does the idea of free energy zero pollution really annoy you,
especially the kind that can be retrofitted into many internal combustion engines,
or more importantly be OEM integrated into various Made in Canada engines,
Made in Canada vehicles, for independence, freedom, adventure and prosperity?

How about a revitalized Made in Canada industry?

How about old fashioned high performance, reliable and awesome everyday life?


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Have you noticed nobody talks about high mileage fuel systems
in politics, environmental groups or media? Eh?

Are fuel prices too high? Or is that only the beginning?
Are too many foreigners buying up too many gas stations?

Are you interested in enterprise, technology, investment, acquisition and career opportunities that are awesome, practical and useful?

Are you interested in an oil industry and refinery investment
that is a buying group co-operative and offers fuel dividends?

Or, are you interested in custom build, or limited and mass production of the most awesome fuel systems in the world?

How about integrating fuels systems with new engine and vehicle development,
in addition to retrofitting specific particular engine and vehicle applications?


Are you looking for the most awesome "Green Bonds" in the world

How about convertible Green Bonds - conversion into fuel system technology…

Are you looking for the phase in transition technology, of 2030?
or something for the ZERO EMISSIONS of 2050?

Are you looking for a public shell company to invest through?

Are you looking for private investment and strategic risk management?

Are you looking to invest in the most awesome fuel technologies and fuel systems in the world, classified, defence technology, or the wannabe mass media hype?

Are you lookiing to invest and acquire fuel systems, distribution and OEM?

Are you looking to invest in technology, vehicle and engine co-development programs?

How about optimizing the supply chain and value added products?

Are you looking for national and global technology and economic leadership?

Are you looking to be working shareowner?

Are you interested in defence technology projects?

What kind of vehicles to yo have?

Are you interested in custom vehicle, engine and fuel system production?

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Fuel Systems Research & Development
Optimization Program

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