Citizen Protector M1A - Leading Edge Civil Defence
The Protector of Citizens
The Agent charged with defending the rights of citizens against government administration.

Nationalist - Patriot - Citizen
Personal and Nation State Sovereignty
Freedom - Autonomy - Independence - Health
Power - Dignity - Stability - Mobility - Agility

In accordance with Peace, Order and Good Government;

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The Straight White Male

Treason - Genocide - War Series

Vaccine Passports - observation & analysis war vector scenarios

National Security Threats
Crime, Treason, Genocide, War & Immorality - national security threats;
Government Personnel, including any other entity, orgnization, media and communications entities or publications, enterprise, or individual;
engaged in or promoting, or legislation, enforcing, or otherwise attempting to or being ;
engaged in invalidating, nullify or override, known laws, including the right to personal health sovereignty, freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom of choice, inalienable rights in addition to natural law and laws that may exist, including the Magna Carta, by super imposing other illegal laws or regulations;
by forced or mandatory vaccination, vaccine passports etc et al;

are guilty of treason, high treason, genocide and totally disqualified and invalidated from any and all public office, and are also known as:

enemy collaborateurs, enemies foreign and domestic,
engaged in, acts of aggression, wars of aggression, psycological warfare, information warfare,

and that it is evidence that the vaccine is a bio-weapon, and such agents, entities, individuals or otherwise;
are engaged in bio-logical war, biological terrorism, terrorism, which is the use of force or the threat of the use of force;

and any such Emergency Acts are invalidated as the virus was never isolated, any and all government, supranational, or otherwise, media communication entities and channels enaged in psycological warfare, information warfare, censorship of truth, censorship or discrediting health options, labelling things as misinformation, or otherwise, are also included and known as national security threats, and

Supra-national entities, organization, agendas, or otherwise super imposed law, regulations or otherwise are invalid, illegal and totally unethical and contrary to the British North America Act of 1867, concerning the illegal transfer of power, and changing the form of government, and does not represent Peace, Order and Good government, as it represents, Crime, Treason, Genocide, War and Immorality, in addition to other disqualifications that go beyond merely infractions, felonies, conflicts of interest, contempt of court, contempt of law, contemp of life;

Any and all laws concerning "Hate Laws and Hate Speech" are also illegal and represent and are known as enemies foreign and domestic, in addition to those as collaborateurs in promoting, legislation, enforcement or otherwise, who are the enemies of truth with a quest to censor truth or prosecute, punish, terrorize, attack, neutralize, invalidate, kill, torture or otherwise against any who do not conform to the official narrative, simply by pointing out the facts,

Any atttacks against so called, anti-vaxxers, white people, straight white people, the founding people of Canada, nationalsts, Christians or otherwise people with morals and family values, patriots, patriots willing and able to defend Canada from all enemies foreign and domestic, including information warfare, psycological warfare, proxy warfare, asymetric warfare or otherwise, are also known as national security threats;

The penalty of treason is death…since courts and security establishments and law enforcement may not be doing their job…

Anyone has the right to execute true justice against incorrigible real national security threats;

Dux Bellorum

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