Knights of the Round Table Church - revised March 2024

- Be pro-active and accept personal responsbility and defend your inalienable right to self defence, to have, maintain and use weapons, including civil defence, protect borders, families and individuals.

- any weapon is a ceremonial weapon…freedom of religion for physical and spiritual self defence, armour, weapons, character, holistic and dynamic…

- character building, leadership, public and private speaking opportunities, logic, super-conscious, ascension, multi-dimensional reality, karma, life purpose and "seek you first the kingdom of God" heart and soul, encouragement and eternal optimism, faith is a super power…unity is a super power;

- foreign governments masquerade as religions that exempt themselves from our laws…and engage in various tactics against us…

- counter measures to the liberalism of crime, treason, genocide, war and immorality;

- recognizing the enemy, the tactics of invasion, infiltration, subversion, treason, terrorism, insurrection, tyranny, psycological operations, propaganda, deception, direct, indirect and proxy warfare, division, distraction, corruption, corrosion, disruption, immorality, attack on values, ethics and morality, war against the family, community, country, laws and nation;

- simultaneous and sequential warfare and attacks on the individual and society, the "ism" warfare, political party division warfare, religious and church doctrine and division warfare, national, geo and exo-political events;

- counter-measures against mass media mind control by liberal fascists and cultural marxists etc and the real war, the mass media "prince of the power of the air", "fake news propaganda and editorial opinions" liberalism in movies, television, internet and radio;

- the corruption in "the school system", and the war against the family, family values, true values, the founding people, straight white people;

- personal growth with awareness, perception, perspective, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, dignity, nobility, diplomacy, co-operation, personal initiative and team work, respect and understanding, trust and verify, a unified integrated family;

- going confidently forward with your eyes on the goal and mission tasking;

- self control and self discipline and self management;

- logic, reason, idealism, altruism, everyday and life time, practical and tactical;

- character and competence to be combat capable and exercise physical and moral courage;

- taking pride in your work, express the best of who you are, ethics and morality of your physical, moral and spiritual compass;

- a revitalized spiritual life, health, prosperity, right thinking, right actions, harmony with the conscious and super conscious mind, true purpose, physical and moral courage,

- not doom and gloom, we acknowledge the problems, challenges, enemies and war and govern ourselves accordingly, problems are temporary if we deal with them..

- members can write and speak on any number of relevant and useful topics;

- spiritual armour and spiritual warfare, physical armour and physical warfare;

- weapons and combat training, duality and multi-dimensional reality;

- no fear, ignorance or suppression, no mind control;

- the knight in shining armour vs rusty armour or no armour;

- a wise and righteous king needs wise and righteous knights, long live the King;

- the knight equipped with camoflage, thermal proof and microwave proof combat gear;

- the whole armour of God, peace and war vector scenarios and the spiritual life;

- what most religions and churches will not tell you

- individual creative imagination and creating an alternate reality

- what about Faith, Family, Freedom and Free Enterprise?

- obviously if government, schools and churches are engaged in crime, treason, genocide, war and immorality…there is room for improvement, right?

- don't lay down and die, fight, defend, invade, conquer, secure territory and build

- spot the trend, spot the goblin, spot the enemy,

- 5G warfare, asymmetrical warfare, covert, proxy and open warfare, declared and undeclard but engaged warfare;

- what to know and do if you are in law enforcement;

- what to know and do if you are in the military;

- what do know and do if you are in government;

- what to know and do if you are in a political party;

- what to know and do if you already go to a church;

- what to know and do if you have mixed feelings about joining any church;

- what to know and do in classified scenarios not included here;

- what to know and do with those who have sworn allegiance to a foreign criminal agency;

- what to know and do with people involved in Liberalism;

- what to know and do with tyranny, terrorists and other enemies of the people;

- what to know and do with a weaponized mass media, tv, "news" papers, radio etc…

- what to know and do with the weaponized "education system"

- how to educate and enlighten family and friends, and people you don't know…

- what to know and do with incorrigible people;

- what to know and do when there is no true justice or when the system is corrupt by liberalism

- what to know and do with conservatives who are not really conservatives

- what to know and do with people in government who are engaged in crime, treason, genocide, war and immorality,

- what to know and do about real national security risks;

- what to know and do about those engaged in Treason, notwithstanding the elimination of a "Treason Act" or lack thereof in any corresponding jurisdiction, government, entity or otherwise;

- what to know and do about deep state corruption and the real war;

- what to know and do about the cartels that rule the world, including religions;

- what to know and do if you have no money and you need to pay your bills, buy food or anything to exist;

- building true loyal and lasting friendships, allies in life and the battlefield;

- multiple peace and war vector scenarios and your degree of awareness, perceptions and perspective;

- how good things, entities, organizations, enterprise and people get corrupted, high jacked, destroyed or otherwise or other fool;

- how to deal with "holier than thou" religions, snobs, arrogant people, people who shun, ignore, ridicule or despise others who do not conform to their beliefs, or anything else, and people who think only they have the truth and real God;

- advanced persistent threats related to computers, physical life and spiritual life

- the search for the Holy Grail - Holy Graele - Saint Graal - and how that relates to your life…

- power and dignity, character and nobility, serve and protect, wisdom, justice and authority,

- protecting the borders, country, institutions, industry, enterprise, family, the individual;

- what to know and do about protecting your children from the threats, enemies and deceptions everywhere;

- preserve and promote the arsenal of democracy, freedom of speech shall not be infringed, it is an inalienable right,

- Hate laws pertaining to the criminalization of certain or various, general and specific types of speech are illegal, immoral and unethical and constitute crime, treason, genocide, war and immorality against the individual or group;

- illegal hate laws, also applies to laws against those not conforming to a super imposed culture, governing consensus, official narrative, which is usually enforced by those in mass media, or those foreign anti nation state entities, groups, asssocitions, people, including those goblins, demonic forces and entities masquerading as people;

- illegal hate laws and enforcement of punishment also includes any form of technology, any and all terrorists, which uses force or the threat of the use of force, to enforce, punish, injure, any cruel and unusual treatment, notwithstanding the typical actions in those situations, the enforcement of those illegal laws, judicial, legislative or executive decisions to enforce those laws and corresponding actions, or the use of indirect or proxy warfare, litigation or other techniques, to enforce punishments or otherwise, shall also be guilty of crime, treason, genocide, war and immorality, in addition to being national security risks of the nation;

- any laws that make it illegal to criticize immigration, race mixing, replacement migration, or other religions or the government is also illegal and an act of crime, treason, genocide, war and immorality and enforced tyranny and terrorism.

- counter measures against those who destroy, control, monoplize, infiltrate, sabotage or censor freedom of speech, the arsenal of democracy, are all acts of war;

- investing in guns and ammo, defence technology, industry and enterprise, planting a garden, eating excellent food and expressing the best of who you are are all things you can do.

- In the bible and some churches a tithe is commanded which is typically used to preach the gospel of the Kingdom of God. donations and tithes are accepted in fulfillment of the mission.

- The Knights of the Round Table Church does not interfere with your current or future practice concerning another church, unless it is fundamentaly opposed to our values, or engaged in liberalism, globalism or the destruction of society by any of the enemy tactics or otherwise mentioned here.

- Many churches have been corrupted by liberalism and have abdicated the responsibility and purpose of the spiritual development of members, in addition to preaching the gospel and certainly the physical protection and combat capabilities beyond spiritual armour are seldom discussed, in addition due to their tax exempt status and the acceptance of super imposed law, which is often based on liberalism and cultural marxism, the freedom of speech has been censored and suppressed, which leads to the grieving of the spirit, resisting the spirit and not being accountable and responsible in the spirit filled mission of purpose.

- Spiritual compromise has created a more watered down religion and social club, in addition to problems of being judgemental, shunning, hate, arrogance, or otherwise, to others if they are not the same religion, or same church, or slight difference in doctrine, or interpretation of scripture, including prophecy, translations, holy books and writings, so in this matter our quest is to be unified, with certain acceptance and understanding in the mutual quest for salvation and eternal life, character building, ascension, fulfilling our mission and purpose, individually and collectively, in addition to the responsibility of the individual for excellence, to let the light shine, and not be victims of compromise which may exist personally or in the spiritual leadership, so in this respect, everyone has the opportunity to learn, grow and excel, as everyone is at the Round Table, knowing that in other times and places, division and character defects has caused much grief and tragedy, in addition to the loss and degradation of knighthood in all its excellence, integrity, purpose and honour,

- it stands to be emphasized that an individual can make a difference, and being your brother's keeper in addition to the defence of the nation and all aspects of that are of the highest honour, including personal defence, family protection, well being and prosperity of the community, thriving enterprise and industry, solid character and competence in work, trades, government or any thing involved in, are all aspects of making a difference;

- The unity of purpose is essential in a marriage, the idea of a counterpart, soul mate, or a loyal and devoted lover and best friend remains solid, ideal and possible, hand in hand, heart to heart going forward in life, looking after one another.

- The commandment for children to "Honour your father and mother…" is essential and can be practical in everyday rules, chores, duties, respect, proper attitudes, action, thinking and love. This contrasts significantly with many liberalism based relationships, where kids go to school and are brainwashed into all kinds of disfunction, corruption, immorality, erroneous thinking, hazardous lifestyles and actions, in addition to outright treason against the family and nation, who are subjected to a system promoting insubordination, rebellion, hostility, race hating, self hate, laziness, irresponsibility, the idea of consequence free, no values, welfare, stupidity, poverty, sickness and things like that;

- Going forward with an environment conducive and supportive of the individual and of being productive members of society that builds a more civilized advanced civilization, solid character, true values, family values and an education and character that is national security rated is essential for trades, industry, government, enterprise and anyone who is or becomes an entrepreneur, focused on their mission, purpose and dreams.

- Reading, writing, mathematics, phonics, geometry, fractions, logic, rhetoric, critical analysis are all essential and in opposite direction of the dumbed down version of the so called education business, which is more like an alien mind wipe, in addition to being the battleground for the super imposed cultural marxist garbage, which a clear and present danger, the real national security threat to the nation, in addition to others that exist.

- In regards to an educated workforce, character is essential as always, and now we are confronted with people that cannot do basic math, they have almost no idea about fractions, are unable to read and write cursive, some not even able to sign their name, so this goes to back in the day when people signed "X". We are presently suffering from too many stupid and lazy people, undisciplined, with not enough work ethic and character to do basic trades, never mind what is required for national security projects. Concerning that, where in the case of Canada, the section 91 and 92 powers, education is a provincial jurisdiction, yet it has corrupted real education, and has become a national security issue, in addition to the problems with outright corruption, treason, subversion, insurrection and anti-nation state, in addition to being anti-white and so on down the road to hell and destruction.

- real world challenges that involve physical and spiritual life and death, character building and personal excellence, leadership, co-operative endeavours and a greater vision and unity of purpose, are essential to our mission, the ministry of physical and spiritual excellence, combat, government with integrity and values, thoughtful patriotism and allegiance to higher values, salvation and ascension;

- "In God we trust", and, "where we go one, we go all", as is said in America, and, "all for one, one for all" as said by the Musketeers, are all things we can live by, as this represents faith, unity, moral and physical courage, which are all super-powers and a useful foundation of a more successful life,

- Do not give away all your money or spend foolishly and stress yourself out, be wise, budget a surplus, be honest and realistic as much as possible, but go forward confidently in faith. We all have the opportunity to practice what we preach, and all kinds of things may happen for a reason, God is not finished with any one of us yet, until he is, we continue to go forward.

- It is better to not be burdened with debt. Ideally, save money, invest and build, however, we understand that capital structure may include various forms of debt and equity, as may be useful for ownership, control, voting, financial and enterprise strategy. The ideal is a debt free money creation, mutual credit and trade, for real value concerning goods and services, which may be backed up with treasury reserves of any kind of material including time, by mutual agreement for honest and solid commerce;

- As for confession, that is between you and God and also you and those you offend. Honestry and integrity is essential, helping others, creating wealth and being generous, being a volunteer are all things that can be done, however the main responsability is to look after yourself and your family and be there for your friends and be the best person you can possible be in any and all your relationships.

- the role of the church in education, morals, ethics, character, civilized behaviour, grammer, logic, faculties of reasoning, spiritualized advanced concepts, superior reasoning power, family values, true values, actual reading, writing, mathematics, thinking, critical analysis, individual creative imagination, personal identity, the tribe, recognizing the enemy, lies, deception and erroneous, revisionist or biased work, respect for life and bio-diversity, true purpose;

- the role of the church in home schooling, private schools, co-operative learning networks, morality, character and education;

- the role of the church in Universitey College, Trade & Technical Institutes, and Schools;

- the role of the church in National Defence, Defence Technology, Law and Order, civil, personal and spiritual self defence;

- the emphasis on physical combat capabilites, moral courage and holistic physical spiritual faculties;

- the role of the church in health care, hospitals, pro-life, health, nutrition, remedies and super natural healing;

- the role of the church to preserve and promote the family, the sanctity of traditional marriage and family;

- the role of the church concerning economic and enterprise morality, values and ethics;

- the role of the church in leadership and character development, true values, service to "King and Country"

- the role of the church in the development of the "Knights of the Round Table";

- the role of the church concerning "national security";

- repentance, baptism and the revitalized physical and spiritual life;

- physical and spiritual gifts and abilities, your true purpose and life's work;

- aligning your conscience and values with what you know and what you do, conscious and super conscious and God's spirit;

- physical and spiritual war vector scenarios, identifying the enemy, tactics and pro-active counter-measures;

- how the enemy corrupted the school and education system and how to re-invent it;

- how mass immigration and ethno demographic warfare, replacement migration, enforced race division and mistrust created and amplified modern problems;

- how the enemy corrupted the health care system with disease management and sickness, pro-death and no respect for human life;

- The War Against the Family - a book you can read and know…

- race mixing is forbidden, in addition to the promotion of race mixing on television, publications, advertsing or media, those engaged in race mixing or the promotion of race mixing are engaged in genocide and war against the ethnocentric society;

- multiculturalism is forbidden, the corresponding war against heterosexual monogamous caucasion, which includes the forbidden mixed race, population replacement, replacement migration, the creation of the mixed mulatto race and war against nation state idendity is forbidden;

- vaccinations are forbidden, in addition to being corrupt, poison and are tools of genocide and war; the illegal enforcement of vaccination are an act of war, genocide and criminal in nature, are contrary to freedom of choice and conscience and are in actuallity pollution to the body, which is the temple of the spirit, a magnitude of research and evidence against and concerning vaccinations exists, additionally, those engaged in the censorship of the facts, events or experiences of vaccinations, and truth, are also commiting acts of crime, treason, genocide, war and immorality, not only against the individual, but also society and the entire world, they are enemies of the human race, in addition to specific actions against general race, countries, nations, tribes and the ethnonationalist;

- bio-weapons research and deployment is forbidden, anyone engaged in, contributing to, involved with in any manner whatsoever, is also engaged in crime, treason, genocide, war and immorality, this includes other technology such as microwave, 5G, EMF, GMO and other chemical warfare, ingredients, components, technology or other materials;

- the church and how it relates to defects and corruption in modern religions, fundamental, old and new covenants, karma, re-incarnation, multiple lifetimes, life before high jacked fundamental protestant churches, churches with allegiance to other entities, churches, governments, governments masquerading as religions including all those that undermine, subvert, control, influence people in matters pertaining to treason against their own country, liberalism, deceptions, fear, ignorance, powerlessness;

- the alpha and omega, the role of the church and members in a corrupted and deceived society;

- how to restore and live by true values;

- Your past, existing or future church serves to achieve certain specific things, being a member of the Knights of the Round Table Church also serves to achieve certain specific things at another level and are synergistic, providential and offer realms of synchronicity to be possible, in addition to the development and protection of the individual and family.

- the recognition of the problems of the suppression of the individual and personal power, the problems with "do nothing and God will save you", the problems when good people do nothing, the problems with church people who are forbidden to get involved in politics or government and let the world go to hell, overwhelmed with liberalism, and how to go forward…

- the real end times scenario, multiple choice points in a time line versus, pre-emptive programming and super imposed mind control across centuries, the Search for the Holy Grail - the real deal, meta-physics, multi-dimensional physics, and why God helps those who help themselves, personal responsability, initiative and co-operative projects and endeavours, the spirit of power, love and a sound mind;

- prayer, fasting, study and meditation - the tools of growth;

- personal ministries and unified ministry, knowing God's will in your life;

- the health and wealth gospel, the gospel of the kingdom of God;

- the healing ministry, multi-dimensional healing, health, learning and growth;

- pro-active and personal responsibility for your health, lifestyle, thinking, attitudes and action;

- the role of nutrition and real good food and your health;

- recognize the enemy of poisoned food, water, air and enviroment and what to know and do;

- remedies, health and healing from poision, radiation, metal, heavy metal, rare earth, bio-weapons, virus, germs, parasites, poisoned and medicated food, GMO, microwaves towers, 3G, 4G & 5G, various new and evolving mind virus, toxic products, toxic environments, other remedies, some classified, many suppressed and censored, some in multi-dimensional physics and some in the "technology of God" in addition to many useful, cheap and powerful remedies to keep you alive today and into the futre for a revitalized and healthy life.

- recognize the enemy at work in education, mass media, music, entertainment, and other publications;

- God, Gold and Guns - real truth and knowledge, trust and trade, valuable and pro-active

- debt free currency versus debt created currency, debt economics, slavery, poverty, stupidity, sickness and death

- debt free currency is only for people with real character, a wise and righteous king would have it;

- acquire your personal debt free mutual credit account, buy, sell and trade with true economics;

- counter measures for the "mark of the beast" world cashless currency, enforced economic and spiritual genocide

- counter measures, what to know and do about forced vaccinations and other illegal genocide and war vector scenarios;

- what to know and do about sexual genocide, democide, computercide, technocratic tyranny etc.;

- what to know and do about church closure due to pandemics, plan-demics, fake media, coronavirus;

- counter measures, faith healing, advanced weapon systems and remedies for bio-weapons and the so called virus;

- God's promises to supernaturally protect his people and those who do his will;

- faith is a super power - it works individually, in a family, for an enterprise, industry, nation, on the battlefield, everyday work situations, immediate problems and long term vision.

Freedom - Truth - Character - Knowledge - Purpose - Unity

- nation state sovereignty, protect the borders, fight the enemy, personal responsibility

- As a knight, you are also the king of your castle

- work out your own salvation, applies here, fellow knights, true friends and allies are able to help;

- relationships based on trust, respect, love, understanding, integrity and loyalty, energy and vitallity;

- the inalienable right to private property includes weapons and ceremonial weapons, exempt from any registration, licensing or otherwise, the right to have and bare arms and the right to self defence, defense of your property, family, friends, community, assets, whether in trust or otherwise owned, controlled or voted, the right to civil defence, industry defence, enterprise defence, national defence and spiritual defence and the right of nation state sovereignty and the defence of that sovereignty, including sovereign money;

- the recognition and indentification of the enemy is evident concerning those who restrict, ban or make illegal private property, or the right to have and bear arms, or the requirment to register, license or otherwise, produce, acquire, buy, sell and or trade firearms, weapons or ammunition, censoring freedom of speech, association and assembly, mobility, or the right to self defence and any and all types of defence, or are against nation state sovereignty, sovereign money, sovereign banking and financial instiutions, sovereign health decisions and those super-imposing supra-national governments, agreements, agendas or otherwise, are also considered as real national security threats, including non nationals;

- the right of sovereign decisions of personal responsibility including health freedom, education, professional, trades and technical options, including home schooling, private schools and the freedom to not participate in corrupt institutions, organizations, agendas, including any and all supra-national organizations, entities and governments, including governments masquerading as religions, and religions fundamentally opposed to the individual, individual creative imagination, true values, family values, thoughtful pro-active intelligent patriotism,

- the inalienable right to health freedom, the body is the temple of the spirit of God;

- the inalienable right to self government and self management;

- freedom of conscience, freedom of association, freedom of religion, freedom of choice;

- freedom does not infringe on the freedom of others;

- the heterosexual caucasion is a protected identity in addition to the founding people the real nationals of the country;

- the knight has the right and responsibility to be active in a citizens militia, a constitutional militia, crusaders, military personnel, law enforcement, having diplomatic immunity, can act as a sherriff, be engaged in border secrity without limitation, for the defence of the territory, nation state sovereignty and the protection of the people, citizens;

- with allegiance and loyalty to the Supreme Being, in addition to the dedication to character building and to truth and justice, which includes the exercise of power, wisdom, awareness, understanding and defence doctrine, considering the corresponding elimination of real national security threats, traitors engaged in treason and high treason, genocide and the corresponding acts of war, acts of aggression, collaborateurs, enemies foreign and domestic, criminals, cartels, supra-national entities, organizations, governments, agendas, illegal direct and proxy war, agents of asymetrical warfare, PsyOps, cultural marxist, communism, socialism, globalism, liberalism and related defective and degenerate mental, physical, moral, values and spiritual corruption;

Additionally, it is also acknowledged that significant hazards exist in an operating environment;

- the recognition that domestic and foreign governments including so called political parties or ideaologies or other agencies, masquerade as religions to exempt themselves from laws and are engaged in active war vector scenarios, including, crime, treason, genocide, war and immorality; and also

- in addition to the destruction of society, industry, enterprise, family, health, environment, true values, government, currency and economic sovereignty and nation state sovereignty, the legal system, the education system, and including the infiltration of ministries, departments, entities, agencies, or otherwise, of government or society, and other religions; which also includes

- the subversion, corruption, deception and destruction and mind control of individuals, active warfare with corrupt operating systems, the creation of traitors, race traitors, race mixing and other forms of genocide, saboteurs, collaborateurs and the destruction and corruption of morality, values, morals and ethics of a civilized society;

- the creation of counterfeit government, including a counterfeit constitution and other acts that are illegal and contrary to the real constitution, a counterfeit currency or money creation system, including the indebtment of the government and people with debt created money, compound interest or money borrowed and interest due to foreign entities, that are engaged in active warfare against the nation and the founding people;

- illegal agreements that are essentially include the plundering of the nation, wealth, resources and people, super imposed debt, immorality, slavery, sickness, disease, stupidy, ignorance, lack of awareness, censorship in any form, the infringement on civil rights, including the right to privacy, personal property and life, faith, family, freedom and free enterprise;

- the invasion, migration, super imposed replacement migration, illegal, unethical, obscene and immoral immigration or otherwise, including the destruction or otherwise of borders and nation state sovereignty, the discrimination against the founding people, the war of globalism, liberalism and all those radical failed obsolete stupid and backwards idealogies that are forms of warfare, are detrimental, cruel and unusual, even if practiced in mass production of super imposed attacks on ethno-demographic elements;

- the division, destruction, corruption, alienation, the creation of factions or other warfare, against society, enterprise, people, including war against the family, the individual, the natural male and female relationships, also known as war of the sexes, sexual immorallity and sexual deviancy and sexual misfits, sexual genocide and corruption of the race and nation.

Going forward with moral courage and spiritual power;
- spiritual warfare, mainly related to or against the corruption and corrosion of character, in contrast and contrary to character building, specifically, holy righteous character, which is essentia for the kingdom of God and individual spiritual survival value and the building of a civilized advanced civilization with a greater emphasis on spiritual power, not only material wealth and technological power;

- with additional understanding that this also serves as a service of notice, cease and desist, indictment and the reality of our existence and experience, we acknowledge the problems and challenges and hazards, we identify the enemy and govern ourselves accordingly;

- this will continue to expand, define, refine, identify, converge and express essential truth and belief;

- this is not an ordinary church, these are not ordinary topics, these are not ordinary times, ordinary solutions may be limited, and the more traditional time tested principals that can establish an individual, family, enterprise, community and nation, are profoundly based on natural law, are life respecting and life sustaining, notwithstanding the nature of warfare and actual everyday battles we may be engaged in, with the acceptance of personal responsibility, and corresponding increase of power and opportunity, skill and ability, competence and character, energy and enthusiasm, increased levels of trust and successful mission completion, the honour and response ability, initiative and drive, respect and loyalty, love and devotion

- As patriots and oath keepers, friends and allies, family, members of any organisation, regardless of rank, title or achievement, we are as individuals and as a group, are dedicated to these higher ideals with duty and honour, physical and moral courage, to be diligent to maintain armour and weapons, to be combat capable, to exercise self discipline and self control, self management and being pro-active, dedicated to mission tasking, and the greater vision, being zealous, as the salt of the earth, a light to the world, a champion in battle and everyday example of excellence and character, true values and optimism, knowing right from wrong, understanding what is wise and unwise, steadfast doing good and uncorrupted by evil, established as a mountain of righteousness, that cannot be moved except to ascend to greatness in physical and spiritual super-achievement and to give glory and honour to the Great God, in whom our lives are entrusted;

- with that vision, we have perspective and understanding, perception and awareness, that we are in service to all those whose lives that may be entrusted to any one of us, and to freedom and the defence of the nation, from ever present enemies, from all manner of threats, we go forward with faith, confidence and trust, focus and resolution, power and dignity, stability and mobility, agility and nobility, humble and wise, courageous and fearless, with a clear conscience and purposeful resolve, forward into battle,

- your physical and spiritual survival value is essential to the Ministry, the Ministry is concerned with your personal growth, character building, leadership qualities, and service to your family, friends, community, country and nation. This also makes a difference on industry, enterprise and government and a civilized civilization at any level of development;

- salvation is personal and pro-active, God is real and powerful, we are created in the image of God;

- there is a lot more to reality than what meets the eyes;

Real Knights are Nationalist and Ethnocentric, not globalists:

Fundamental Status We Are about:
Nation State Sovereignty; no general zog, zero foreign corruptions;
Property Rights - includes the use of trusts, asset protection & financial privacy;
Gun Rights & the Right to Self Defence;
National Economics, Economic Nationalism;
Debt Free Sovereign Currency & Sovereign Banks & Financial Institutions;
Faith - personal relationship with God, prayer, fasting, meditation & study;
Family - True values and family values, heterosexual relationships, real family;
Freedom - real freedom, fundamental inalienable rights;
Sovereign Health - private real health care, zero vaccine genocide bio-weapons;
Sovereign Food - not polluted, organic & bio-dynamic farming, soil health;
Sovereign Air/Atmosphere : zero 5G & eliminationi of microwave bio-weapons on land and in space, zero space based weapon systems, 5G phased array satellites are space based weapn systems; chemical polution remediation;
Sovereign Water : The right to pure water, not polluted, wells, springs, not GI pollution; the ocean is not for dumping endless garbage, plastics, toxins & chemical;
Secure Food supply, not doctored, zero GMO
Sexual - zero race mixing, zero sexual genocide, zero sexual perrversion, zero race mixing commercials, advertising or otherwise, zero anti white, zero harmonal contraceptive sexual genocide bio-weapons;
Free Enteprise - New Wealth and Enterprise Generations;
National, Industrial, Enterprise, Family & Personal Defence;
Spiritual Self Defence, Civilized Advanced Civilization;
Sovereign Education - zero super imposed cultural genocide;
Ethnocentric Rights & Responibilities:

Zero super imposed mass immigration, invasion, white race replacement, asylum, student visa invasions, "safe country harbor", importing criminals, or allowing caravans of criminal and war fighting potential to pass thru another territory sovereign or not, or into our territory, provide back up and unilateral independent capabilities for border control and territorial integrity, regardless and notwithstanding anything else;

No Unions with allegiance with the socialist international;
Sovereign Media & Communication, not by enemies Foreign & Domestic;
Independent Nation State Military, Supply chain, technology;
True Values, Character Building, personal and professional development;

Severe penalites for treason, infiltration, lies, deception, sabotage, acts of aggression, illegal wars, breach of confidence, trust, secrecy;

zero UN, zero UN peace hope based geo-political, deception & manipulation;
zero UNESCO corrupt education;
zero social doctrine of communism etc et al;
zero Pope intermediary go between nations;
zero enemies foreign and domestic, collaborateurs;

We realize and acknowledge that it appears other "knights" are the opposite and their allegiance is not to the citizens of their country

Prayer-1 - criminal code religion

Join Battlegroup 301 Incorporated and the exceptional opportunities available.

Join the Knights of the Round Table Church. You can do e-Transfer and send in an email for membership and start a new salvation, with health, prosperity, character, physical and spiritual self defence.

E-Transfer Reference: B301-KRTC More details will follow with your membership card and corresponding benefits including articles of interest.

Dedicated to the honour and glory of the Great God,
and in service to the King of Justice, Character and Integrity.

Dux Bellorum

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